12/8/16 Interview with DiscoverOrg

Let’s Get Real.

Let's Get Real with David Sill
In this series, we interview sales tool providers and get real about the problems they’re solving and why you should care (or not).

This week I interview David Sill, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at DiscoverOrg.

Nancy: I ask guests to answer the first question using what I call the “You know how…” format. Tell us, what does your solution do?

Dave: You know how bad data plagues both Sales and Marketing teams by sucking up bandwidth and stealing valuable cycles? How, on the Sales side, if your CRM is filled with inaccurate or incomplete data on the contacts and companies you want to partner with, you end up investing all the company’s “selling time” in NOT selling at all, but instead floundering around and prospecting poorly? And similarly, on the Marketing front, if your marketing automation system is poisoned by inaccurate data, you run the risk of deliverability issues and blacklists in the worst case, and falling short of your qualified lead quota in even the best scenario?

Well, DiscoverOrg solves this dual dilemma by delivering the highest quality sales and marketing intelligence available, with 98% verified email address, 96% direct dial accuracy, complete org charts, installed technologies profiles, trigger alerts, and more, ALL on a 60-day refresh cycle built on the backbone of human verification and sweat equity.


Nancy: That sounds like a problem worth solving (and a worthy solution). But let’s get real, sales and marketing organizations have a lot of challenges and they have to make choices about which to solve first. Why shouldn’t they continue with things the way they are if they’re getting by? What are the ramifications of not solving the problems you outlined?

Dave: Successful sales and marketing strategies and execution starts with a foundation of high quality data and intelligence. To skip this foundational step – to under-value its importance – is to undermine everything else that follows. The investments a company makes in sales enablement and in its technology stack – from CRM to marketing automation to dialer technology or email sequencing tools…they won’t mean anything with bad data.

The old adage of garbage-in-garbage-out is relevant here. It would be like investing in an exotic car – say a Ferrari – and then putting regular unleaded gasoline into the engine. Failing to make the one key investment renders all the other — and PRICIER — investments useless…or at least gravely sub-optimized.

Nancy: What types of questions should Marketers ask to decide whether solving this problem should be a high priority?

Dave: I would ask the following –

  • Can I afford to risk lower open, clicked, and converted rates by rolling the dice on low-quality, unverified data?
  • Can I properly fuel the organization’s account-based marketing (ABM) initiative(s) without optics into an org chart and its multiple stakeholders necessary to personalize my content?
  • Do I have solid processes in place to keep our MAT and CRM systems clean and updated?
  • Do they sync automatically across the systems our Marketing and Sales teams live in each day?

Nancy: What types of questions should Sellers ask to decide whether solving this problem should be a high priority?

Dave: I would ask the following –

  • Can our company afford to have 55% of the sellers’ time wasted NOT selling (source: Gartner)?
  • Can we risk enabling our Sales effort with “commonly sourced” data (end-user submitted data, technology-sourced data)?
  • Do I realize that every “dead end” lead in our system is an invitation to your reps to quit, go get coffee, read a blog, and moan about the quality of the leads?
  • Can we reasonably expect our top-notch sales pros to stick around and play janitor in our CRM?

Nancy: This question is your choice. What do you want to answer that I didn’t ask?

Dave: A good question to ask would be, “Do you feel that cold calling IS in fact dead, as so many seem to say so often?

Absolutely not.  I think this is the biggest myth out there, and I’ll bet that almost every rapid-growth, investor-backed company you find agrees with me. Pound for pound, a live phone conversation is the single greatest opportunity to share passion and enthusiasm for your solution, to exchange ideas, to find “great fit” partners.

You can send as many emails, leave as many voicemails, and hit prospects up through social media all you want – and I DO encourage those as other facets of a complete strategy, by the way. But those are all one-way modes of outreach. Shared vision requires TWO-way, back-and-forth, live-and-in-the-moment communication, and you only have that venue by way of the phone, video conference, etc. To disregard the phone is to lose your queen in a game of chess.

Nancy: What should people do next?

Dave: Pick up the phone and give us a call – 360.783.6729. Let’s get to know each other. We’re happy to share our expertise, to let you sample it, to exchange ideas, and ultimately to find out if there’s a great fit and opportunity to help you CRUSH your quota.