Measuring & Reporting Your Customer Reference Program

Download this free best practices guide on assessing the effectiveness of your reference program and learn valuable ways to promote the value your program brings to the organization. You know your program is a necessary asset to the company, let this eBook serve as your guide for proving it to everyone else. This eBook is perfect for anyone needing to:

  • Calculate the ROI of your customer reference program
  • Increase executive support, grow your program budget, and elevate your program’s visibility at the decision-making table
  • Discover best practices for measuring and reporting elements of your reference program
Customer Reference Program Benchmark Report. Most times, customer reference programs are treated as a tactical afterthought, rather than a strategic necessity, and thus few programs get a seat at the table where strategic business decisions are made. The bad news is, only 17% know the impact of reference activities on the value of revenue.

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