Give it up for our 2018 Top Sales Tools of the Year recipients!

It’s an exciting time to be sure. With more than 500 sales technologies on our most recent 2018 SalesTech Landscape,  there’s no question that the impact of digital technologies will be far reaching. Indeed, it has the potential to reshape every step in the sales process and impact every customer interaction.

But where do you start? Start with what’s most important. Prioritize your needs based on both the importance of the task and where you have the most gaps in capabilities.

To help, we’ve categorized the top sales tools of 2018 by Sales Hierarchy level starting with the most important layer “Who to Sell to & Why” through to what we view as the sales equivalent of Maslow’s Self Actualization level, “Sell More & Sell Again.”

There are 41 solutions listed in our guide, complete with detailed information and videos on each.

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I’d like to welcome and highlight some of those most recently selected as top sales apps.

Who to Sell to & Why

TechTarget Priority Engine: Fully integrated with major CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms, Priority Engine is a SaaS-Based solution that provides direct, real-time access to ranked accounds AND named prospects actively researching purchases in specific technology categories.

When & How to Engage

Groove Their solution is a Sales Engagement Platform that helps Reps send Personalized communication at scale, automate Salesforce updates, make data-driven decisions on what delivers the best sales outcomes.

Why Buy & Why From You

Modus Engagement Your digital transformation partner. You can empower your sales team, optimize buyer interactions, and boost marketing ROI with next-generations digital technology solutions for Sales Enablement, Lead Capture, and Interactive Content Creation.

How to Close

AccountPlan and DealSheet by Outside In. Together these two solutions simplify account and opportunity planning in Salesforce. Use your own custom qualification questions to systematically assess and score each opportunity. Then be guided to a winning deal strategy.

Sell More & Sell Again

Strikedeck If you’re looking for something your sales organization can use to increase retention, expansion, and advocacy, you’ll want to check them out. They have a fresh approach to assessing customer happiness, so you can increase the life-time value of your accounts.

Manage, Forecast, and Analyze

Opspanda They have a sales resource and capacity planning solution that helps fast growing companies model, plan, report, and analyze on the resources needed to meet and exceed sales targets.

Develop, Coach, Onboard, Motivate

LevelJump This onboarding and quota attainment solution gives prescriptive programs and just-in-time micro-coaching using any time of document. Most importantly, you can prove ROI of your programs with real-time analytics and visibility into reps’ milestones, outcomes and performance improvements over time.

There’s something for everyone in our guide  

Video sales apps, onboarding, buyer engagement, eSignature solutions, deal management, white-space analysis, reference management, and more. These vendors are working hard to help organizations achieve their sales transformation objectives.

Browse these top sales solutions of 2018 and comment below on those that look the most interesting to you!