As we close out the year, I thought I’d put the spotlight on some of your (and my) favorite posts. There’s a little something for everyone. 2016 looks to be the most exciting year yet for sales and marketing solutions and for those who seek to improve their revenue. Happy Holidays and thanks for being a loyal reader. Enjoy…

Predictive Sales Analytics: The New Normal?

un-preditable-29674287_mMost principles used in B2B selling today have been in place since the late nineteenth century and coincide with the rise of mass-manufacturing firms. National Cash Register, Westinghouse Electric and others created organized sales forces and with them, standardized sales and sales management techniques.


3 Sales Myths You Don’t Want to Fall For

truth-bowling-ball3Sales has institutionalized many tenets since the time it became an organized profession in the late 1800’s. Don’t sell features, sell benefits. People buy from people they like. Qualify for B.A.N.T. And the list goes on. he art and science of selling has gotten progressively more complex. A number of factors are affecting change on the sales process on both the buyer and the seller side.


Incentives Drive Behavior: Cracking the Code with Predictive Analytics

c3-15-bannerCallidusCloud has long claimed the mantra “Lead to Money.” Let me tell you, they are serious about that mission. For them, it’s not enough to just have products that span the entire marketing and sales funnel. They aim to offer tightly integrated solutions that, when used together, not only feed information to each other but also provide added value by way of true automation.


Let’s Get Real: Sales Performance Quantified. Donal Daly Breaks it Down

Let's Get Real_630x315_Red & Yellow_RGB_72 dpiIn this series, we interview sales tool providers and get real about the problems they’re solving and why you should care (or not).

This week I interview Donal Daly , CEO of The TAS Group.



Trigger Events, Value Selling and a Little Weekend Project Involving a Power Sander


Alinean-frugalnomicsSummer is the time for people to catch up on their reading and to compile their favorites into “Summer Reading Lists.” I personally like a variety of business, sales, design, and psychology (neuro-science particularly) books and have a stack of recent reads and another stack of books on my to-read list.