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Study after study tells us that most forms of sales training just don’t work. Sure, training may boost performance for a limited time following the training session, but in most cases salespeople quickly regress to their prior performance level. In the worst cases, sales training programs can actually introduce or reinforce bad selling behaviors rather than instill best practices. Industry research backs up this claim. Consider the following statistics about the true impact of most sales training programs.

  • An ES Research study found that approximately 90% of all sales training has no lasting impact on professional behavior
  • Research conducted by Xerox showed that 87% of the new knowledge learned in sales training is lost within 12 weeks.
  • Similarly, Sales Performance International research found most sales professionals forget at least 50% of what they learned in training programs in less than five weeks… 84% is lost after only 90 days.

Read this ebook to learn how an application oriented training system where reps are challenged to continue to practice is the single more critical component in effective sales training programs.