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We interviewed more than 20 Senior PreSales leaders to uncover the trends in PreSales and the technologies that are moving the market.

About the PreSales Ebook

What is PreSales?

Despite the prefix  in “PreSales,” Sales Engineers usually get involved AFTER a Salesperson engages with the prospect. The term comes from the requirement that technical capability be demonstrated BEFORE getting the sale.

Why it Matters

According to Harvard Business Review, “companies with strong presales capabilities consistently achieve win rates of 40–50% in new business and 80–90% in renewal business—well above average rates.”

8 Growth Technologies

SEs are the last of the sales personas to have dedicated technology. They’ve been getting by using CRM – which is not built for what they do – along with tactical solutions that aren’t quite up to the task.  Learn about 8 technologies your PreSales professionals need.
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