Jump-starting deals stalled in the pipeline has always been a top priority for sales reps and sales managers. And it’s only getting harder: CSO Insights reports that less than half (46 percent) of forecasted deals close.

So, how do reps re-ignite deals – or even know which deals are worthy of continued effort? And how can sales managers empower reps with the right solutions and coaching to make the most of prospecting and outreach?

There is no shortage of tools and data sources for sales teams. However, the era of digital selling requires leveraging complete platforms that help sales teams anticipate and respond to customers’ needs more effectively. ClearSlide and LinkedIn recently teamed up to explore how sales reps can integrate social channels and sales engagement data to jump-start sales conversations with prospects. The guide addresses these top four challenges for today’s sales pros:

  • How to identify networks and social connections and use them to your advantage. Beyond the basic homework on the company and the individual, learn how to tap into social insights to identify other stakeholders and connection points.
  • How to leverage social insights to personalize follow-up. Using your team’s and colleagues’ networks can provide warm intros and help facilitate conversations. Effectively tailoring communications based on network and social insights and data will improve your credibility.
  • How to break-through inbox overload. Marketing teams know that interactive and personalized content drives successful campaigns. However, sales teams have yet to exploit video to break through the clutter. Historically, video has been costly and inaccessible to individual sales reps. But more advanced Sales Engagement Platforms, which include rich content and video capabilities, are optimized for highly mobile and on-the-go reps. Find out why combining powerful interactive content with a personal touch is a proven game changer.
  • How to focus on the hottest prospects. Use customer signals and actual engagement to identify the most promising opportunities. To truly differentiate your outreach, you must gain access to more detailed customer engagement than just knowing whether your prospect opened or clicked on an email link. Modern sales reps know how their customers consume and interact with content across communication channels (phone, email, face to face). Know where your prospects are in the sales cycle: when they opened a presentation, which slides they are focusing on, and when they forward information to others in the organization.

Meeting all of the challenges outlined above could mean investing in many systems. But research (and common sense!) tells us that stitching together disjointed tools can be confusing for sales reps and difficult for enablement and operations teams to manage. Even worse, this approach does not provide an integrated view of customer engagement – and prevents truly optimizing that next interaction with the customer and fulfilling their needs faster.

Fueled by demands from sales and marketing teams to better communicate with and engage customers, modern sales organizations are now embracing a shift to digital selling based on Sales Engagement Platforms. These platforms support the entire customer life cycle with content management, integrated communications, advanced analytics, and more. Used in conjunction with prospecting tools, Sales Engagement Platforms empower reps with a robust combination of “insider” knowledge that can be seamlessly integrated with CRM systems.

Real-time and detailed customer engagement data can provide sales pros the critical window of opportunity to fulfill buyers’ needs before the competition can. To learn more tips for jump-starting sales conversations, download our new e-guide here.

Meera MehtaToday’s post is by guest-author Meera Mehta, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Clearslide, the leading provider of Sales Engagement Platforms.