Rebellious Buyers

Let’s be real. No one likes to be sold. Today’s buyers are no different in that regard but there is one difference; they’re more rebellious than ever before. That’s because the Internet has sped the dissemination of information at an unimaginable rate and the information has emboldened buyers with a new level of purchasing control.

The availability of paper and the invention of movable type spread the dissemination of ideas from the 15th century and on helping to spawn the European Renaissance. And today, because of the invention of the Internet, we’re experiencing a Renaissance of a different kind—a Buyer Renaissance.

Buyer’s are reacting to—perhaps are even the cause of—four distinct cultural changes in the B2B world.

These four changes correspond to some degree, to those of the “real” Renaissance.

  1. A rebellion against the reliance of salespeople for information.
  2. A Movement toward realism (art is in the eye of the buyer)
  3. An increased reliance on observation and empirical data.
  4. A mindfulness of non-product related factors on decision-making

Rebellion is manifested within buyers in the following ways:

  • They don’t want to meet with you
  • They don’t return your phone calls
  • They don’t read your emails
  • They don’t give you their real contact details on web-forms
  • They (act like they) don’t want or value your help
  • They form opinions and purchase criterion on their own, in advance of talking with salespeople
  • They do (a lot) of research in advance of entertaining an initial or follow-on conversation
  • They can’t, won’t, or don’t make lone decisions.
  • They are interested one day and not the next. Then are interested again soon after that.

I’ll be hosting a Webinar on July 16 to dive deep into this subject. Along with John Hulwick, Director of Sales for Clearslide, we’ll identify the three main reasons why buyers rebel, we’ll describe each of the four underlying cultural shifts mentioned above, and we’ll outline twelve specific ideas that you can employ immediately to succeed with rebellious buyers.

Rebellious Buyers: How to Sell to People Who Don’t Want to be Sold

Selling has never been an easy profession. While in many respects selling has gotten easier (we have more tools available than ever), the challenges are increasing at a faster clip. Vying for attention, earning the chance to build trust, demonstrating value, and navigating the labyrinth of decision-making, remains a monumental challenge.

How about you? Do you think buyers have gotten more rebellious? What do you think sellers can do in the face of this challenging environment? Post your comments here and join us for the webinar for an interesting discussion.