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Are you struggling to deliver sales training that leads to positive, measurable outcomes? You are not alone.
Most training fails to deliver long-term impact. Here’s why.

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Sellers often get wrong information from the prospect about the likelihood of a deal. This experience is now elevated because the seller is less likely to get face-to-face with a prospect; they have far fewer ‘signals’.

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Today, many new hires start their jobs without ever setting foot in the door at their new company. Allego allows sales teams to onboard new reps without having to meet face to face.

Remote Selling Viewpoints with Hans Fuller of StorySlab

As some things about the sales process become more asynchronous and self-service from a buyer viewpoint, it means the pressure to make the most of a live interaction with a customer is immense.

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Ongoing interactions and intent data can further refine your AI models and ensure they are adapting to evolving trends as they happen.

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The use of microlearning is a more effective way for sales training to impact an organization because it engages sales professionals. Learning is embedded within their day.

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Customer advocates have lived with the vendor and have seen the results – all in a real world business environment. They offer the most persuasive and reassuring insights a buyer could ask for.

2021 SalesTech Landscape

Much has changed in our all-new SalesTech Landscape. There are now 45 categories of salestech solutions. See our Enterprise SalesTech Glossary for definitions of every category.

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Businesses that want their sales teams’ to have meaningful digital interactions with prospects need to equip them with the means to compete on noisy channels.

Remote Selling Viewpoints with Pam Dearen of @Bigtincan

Pam Dearen, VP of Marketing Communications at Bigtincan answers questions in our new “Remote Selling Viewpoints” series.