Quote by Peter Murphy of MRP

Peter Murphy, Global VP Sales MRP talks about measuring success with buyer stake-holders and the need for marketing and sales to collaborate. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) technology can provide the orchestration and analytics required.

Nick Mason Quote

This week’s interview is with Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl. He describes why Data and Analytics, along with personalization, are critical to achieving a great buyer experience.

5 ways to uncover hidden revenue featured image

Uncovering untapped revenue demands that organizations rethink outdated methodologies, processes, and technologies that don’t focus specifically on optimizing revenue in strategic accounts. Focus on these 5 areas to uncover hidden strategic account revenue.

Allego Q3 readiness featured image

Answer these five questions to prepare your virtual selling team to achieve Q3 success.

Fast Flowing Revenue Streams Feature Image

To have a fast flowing revenue stream, you need to get many factors right. Software, training, coaching, and good sales processes are all key. Even with all of those in place, your journey to quota can hit snags.

Sergey Medved Executive Interview Quote

Sergey Medved talks about the importance of aligning sales processes with the buyer journey in this interview with Nancy Nardin.

Top Sales Tools of 2020 Vendor logos

The Top Sales Tools of 2020 Now is a great time to invest in technology for sales. I’m not talking about CRM – presumably, you …

John Moore - Bigtincan Interview Quote

This week’s executive interview is with John Moore of Bigtincan. He describes the things to keep in mind to successfully align strategies, messaging, and tactics to deliver great buying experiences..

Time for Sales & Event Teams to Be Equal Partners Featured Image

No longer can salespeople engage with event teams as Lone Rangers. Teamwork is key to blend all the skills and disciplines to get the highest return on your tradeshow investments.

John Steinert quote

John Steinert leads TechTarget’s Marketing. In this interview, he offers his views on Sales as a Buying Experience including five themes he recommends people focus on.