2016 Sales Visibility Index

100 enterprise sales leaders reveal the most common reasons they win and lose deals by Revegy

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One of every two sales teams missed their quota in 2015 — many due to deal delays, blind spots and inaccurate forecasts — and nearly half can’t explain why their opportunities died. This “risk gap” is a huge problem and the biggest vulnerability sales teams face this year: 40 percent of sales leaders blamed unforeseen risk for one of every two lost deals.

Why is it so difficult to address issues in the sales cycle before they kill deals? How can sales leadership gain clear visibility into the process and drive more wins? This report shares insights from more than 100 sales leaders on how to identify the problems and what actions to take to overcome them.

Revegy’s inaugural Sales Visibility Index identified buyers journey gaps, surprise delays and misdirected priorities as among the top barriers to closing deals. The findings are based on detailed responses from more than 100 enterprise sales leaders and managers.