With more than 1,000 sales tools on the market, everyone feels a little uncertainty. Not only do you have to decide what’s worthy and what isn’t, the sheer volume makes you wonder if you’re ahead or behind in the adoption of tools.

You have vendors and peers speaking at events, conferences, and LinkedIn groups and it’s enough to make you feel that your company must be the only one that’s not keeping up.

Or perhaps you’re on the other side of the fence. You feel you’re ahead of the game and want proper recognition for your initiative.

How can you know where you fit and how you compare to others like you—those in the same industry, those with the same-sized sales organization, or those with the same type of revenue growth?

We can provide you with those answers and it will only take 10 minutes of your time. We’re conducting the first of its kind survey to uncover how sales organizations make decisions about tools, which tools they use, what impact they’ve had on revenue and more.

Whether you have a large or small sales team, we’ll uncover how you compare to your peers. And here’s the key part, the “what’s in it for me part”; for taking the survey, you’ll get your own customized benchmark report outlining how you compare.

If you want ammunition that you need more budget for sales tools or if you’re just looking to have insight about tools, you’ll get it – for free – via your own benchmark report. This offer is only available while the survey is still open.

Take the survey now before it closes because if you don’t, and later want a benchmark report, the cost will be $499.

Let me give you a little background on the survey. The motivation for creating it came from a recent talk I gave to a group of around 50 Sales VP’s. They each had responsibility for leading a team to quota achievement and all of them were interested in tools that could help them get the job done.

I started off with a slideshow, describing a handful of sales tools. I mentioned the name of the tool, what the purpose was, and how it helps sales organizations.

Then I turned it around and asked people to tell the group about their favorite tools. Everyone enjoyed this activity and a lot of great ideas were shared.

It was the first time the group had ever shared information about sales tools with each other and it gave me an idea.

What if I could get people to share information in a much broader way? Wouldn’t it help to know what tools others in your industry or your company size use?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know which tools people feel have the most impact on revenue? And what if you could learn how other organizations make decisions about sales tools (who, how quickly, how many, who’s responsible).

In that spirit, I put together a survey to get at the answers. Don’t click to take the survey unless you’re willing to spend the 10 minutes it will take. If it’s not worth 10 minutes to you to gain insights on sales tools then don’t bother clicking. Then again, you’re here, on the Smart Selling Tools site which tells me you care about tools to increase sales productivity right?

Close your email, put your phone on silence mode and devote the next 10 minutes to the survey. You’ll be glad you did when you get your customized benchmark report in March (and didn’t have to pay the $499).

Take the survey here: