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The Sales Learning Analytics That are Instrumental for Measuring Sales Performance

By Shubhi Tangri, Qstream

How Sales Learning Analytics Develop Your Sales Team

Sales representatives cannot sell unless they effectively articulate and convey the value of their organization’s products and services. In order to ensure that sales teams are prepared and to consequently optimize sales performance, sales training and enablement teams must use sales learning analytics and other sales metrics to develop sales representatives. Sales analytics retrieved from CRM systems don’t tell the full story of what sales representative development needs are. The sales training tools at hand lack the measurement that gives a sales leader insight into each individual sales representative’s capabilities. Current sales analytics don’t provide these answers:

  • Which skills are the weakest across the whole sales team?
  • What does the data say about sales representatives’ knowledge? Are they able to apply those skills back on the job?
  • Have skills improved from investments in training?
  • Where should time and money be spent on creating additional training content pertaining to specific skills gaps?

Sales representatives must be up to date with skill sets to follow the proper behaviors that will meet the needs of the customer. Without the required skills, they won’t deliver the value of their companies’ offerings to close the deal. In order to actualize these outcomes, sales representative’s engagement and proficiency levels need to be derived from situational learning environments and then monitored on a real-time analytics dashboard. A sales learning analytics dashboard is a tool that captures metrics on knowledge mastery for sales performance improvement.

What Your Sales Learning Analytics Dashboard Should Look Like

  1. Real time analytics: Sales training and onboarding is a continuous development program. Therefore, frontline sales managers, sales training and enablement professionals, and sales leaders all play an important role in the development of sales representatives. But how can they coach and provide performance support without having a finer level of detail in regard to what their sales representatives know? They need to see a sales representative’s progress throughout a learning experience in real- time. From this, they are able to have a more focused approach to their coaching. Real-time data also enables managers to verify that new hires are fully ramped up and are ready to communicate the company’s value in front of a customer.
  2. Hierarchical views: Analytics dashboards provide high level proficiency and learning engagement data at a global, company-wide scale to get a better understanding of sales representatives’ knowledge levels and how that may have an effect on overall sales performance. However, it is imperative that these high-level views are used to get granular insights to precisely identify skill gaps and improvement. Accordingly, managers are enabled to have more focused and productive coaching conversations to elevate performance for an entire sales team or an individual sales representative. Executives are allowed to measure ROI and performance metrics at scale. As a result, organizations are enabled to correlate sales learning and development initiatives to sales performance.
  3. Leaderboards: Sales leaders get a view of their sales representatives’ competition in a learning challenge. Leaderboards show which sales representatives are engaged in learning and are actively involved in improving their own development by competing for rankings. Are your top performers in the learning challenge the same sales representatives that are the highest on the quota attainment dashboard in Salesforce? Understand how your top sales representatives score in the learning challenge versus your lowest performers.

Where You Can Get a Sales Learning Analytics Dashboard

After a sales representative engages with scenario-based learning assessments, Qstream provides next level, real-time hierarchical proficiency and engagement analytics across countries, teams, and even individuals. Managers and executives are enabled to compare and gauge performance optimization. As a result, sales teams are exceptionally developed to win business.

When you’re responsible for a large sales force spread out in different locations, Qstream’s learning analytics technology is significant to drive the awareness into the skills your sales representatives need to be competitive. We’ve all heard it before; you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Evaluate skill mastery levels of your sales team by learning more about Qstream’s sales learning analytics platform. Please visit

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