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Altify makes sales teams more impactful with software applications that accelerate revenue by adopting the customers’ perspective and putting the customer first.  We embed deep sales knowledge, context and insights that make the sales experience feel easier and more intuitive, enabling sales teams to do what they do best: Sell.

Opportunity Manager helps sellers win the deals that matter by collaborating with customers to develop solutions that address business challenges.

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How Opportunity Manager Increases Sales Engagement and Performance

Only 40% of sellers achieve quota, something we care deeply about.  With 87% of all sales training forgotten after 30 days, and seller turnover and onboarding increasingly difficult, CSOs and their leadership teams have the odds stacked against success.

Opportunity Manager coaches sellers in real time to qualify effectively, to research the relationship landscape, to collaborate with customers to develop solutions that address business challenges, and to develop a competitive approach that delivers a win-win outcome.

Benefits of Opportunity Manager

Imagine having deep muscle memory from a million sales engagements, knowledge of the world’s best sales methodologies, and the insights from your own business, all coming together to guide a sale to fruition. Opportunity Manager assesses deals in context, uncovering risks and proactively recommending actions based on proven methodology and insights, so sellers always know what to do, when it matters most.

Visualize Solutions with the Buyer

Create customer-centered solutions and deepen their understanding of the value your solutions provide by helping your customers visually connect their business challenges to your solutions.

Gain Executive Credibility

Identify the key decision makers and influencers, and determine who is a supporter and who needs to learn more. Focus attention on winning the minds of the right people and ultimately shorten your sales cycle.

Align with the Buyer’s Decision Criteria

Calculate the overall rank of each business challenge so you know which issues are the ones that your customers really care about. Consider different competitive approaches so that you have the best opportunity for progressing the deal forward.

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