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DocuSign: Digital Transaction Management

As the global standard for Digital Transaction Management, DocuSign is leading the way to help organizations deploy DTM. Some companies take a holistic approach to DTM and launch an enterprise-wide initiative in order to quickly gain value. Others start with a specific departmental need or use case and expand throughout their organization, building out their digital workflows and reaping enterprise-wide benefits over time.

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How DocuSign Digital Transaction Management Keeps Everything Digital

DocuSign is a complete end-to-end DTM solution that readily integrates with existing digital systems (including CRM, HRM, and ERP) and is easy enough for anyone to use. It’s also mobile-enabled, securely encrypted, and legally accepted around the world.

Benefits of DocuSign

DocuSign Digital Transaction Management is delivering massive benefits to organizations of every size, industry, and geography, in three key areas:

Immediate Financial Gains

By reducing the transaction time, organizations see needle-moving financial benefits in weeks rather than months or years.

Transforms the Customer Experience

Instead of waiting days, week, or even months for transactions to be completed, progress can be made near instantly. This velocity delights external and internal customers and elevates the organization that provides the superior service.

Readily Demonstrates Compliance

Every document has a readily accessible digital audit trail to making documenting compliance for industry laws and regulations fast and easy.

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