InsideView enables a broadly informed world where people have productive conversations powered by the best and most-actionable market intelligence. We provide B2B organizations with data, social and news insights, and business connections on their customers, leads, and partners to help drive marketing effectiveness and deliver sales results.

With InsideView, you can find better leads, win more deals, and maintain and grow your customers.

Our data, insights, and connections are pulled from over 40,000 sources and our solutions are used by more than 450,000 sales, marketing, and other professionals in over 19,000 companies, including Adobe, Rosetta Stone, and Zuora.


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How InsideView Solves Your Revenue Growth Challenges

InsideView delivers actionable insights to sales and marketing teams so they can find better leads, connect with more decision makers, and quickly close higher-quality deals. We make you smarter, more effective, and more competitive with relevant company and lead information culled from more than 40,000 news and social sources. We help you find and target the right people to sell to, then provide valuable information on how you’re connected and how to quickly engage. We also give you a unified view of customers across sales, marketing, and account management so you understand their journey and all the opportunities they represent.

Benefits of InsideView

For sales, InsideView lets reps understand what’s happening in a prospect’s business. For sales ops, we clean, update, and maintain CRM records in real-time so sales is always acting on the most current information. For marketing, we make campaigns more effective by uncovering who a prospect is and what they want. For customer success, we serve real-time insights so they can be notified and intelligently react when key events happen with accounts or contacts.

More Prospects

InsideView lets you focus on the right targets with a list of quality prospects from our accurate, comprehensive database of companies and contacts. Drill down and hone your list with custom filters based on relevant business insights that matter to you and your targets. Finally, focus on only those prospects with compelling business events for higher close rates and more predictable results.

Better Engagement

InsideView gives you the latest news about your prospects, leads, and customers through our curated news and social insights. Our automated watchlists are delivered directly to your inbox to alert you with compelling reasons to engage, such as company expansions, leadership changes, relocations, acquisitions, and financial updates, so that you’re always informed and ready to proactively react to any opportunity.

Deeper Connections

InsideView finds warm introduction paths to prospects and leads with our comprehensive, up-to-date, and multi-source relationship network, so you’re making less cold calls while engaging more often. Connections are aggregated across various social networks and contact databases for the most complete view of your connections. Your co-workers’ contacts are also available for you to leverage, but kept private to just your company.

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