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LiveHive’s next generation sales acceleration platform, combines deep, real-time engagement analytics and email automation capabilities to uncover ways to trim inefficiency and bulk up your team’s productivity, email effectiveness, and follow-up timeliness.

LiveHive’s automation capabilities including email templates, group email, and email sequencing, give sales organizations more time in the day to spend prospecting, while delivering insights into what sales processes are most successful.

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How LiveHive Helps Improve Selling Effectiveness

The moder B2B buyer has changed their buying behaviors. Dramatically increasing the need for personalization and real-time analytics to better understand customers’ interests. This has transformed sales processes and how sales organizations engage with their buyers.  LiveHive automated content sharing capabilities, combined with its deep engagement analytics provides a more complete buyer picture to deliver a personalized customer engagement.

Benefits of LiveHive

LiveHive delivers insights and automation to sales organizations so they can move faster than the competition. Offloading routine tasks to focus on sales conversations and gaining insights to better understand customer needs, sales teams can respond at the moment of interest with a highly tailored approach based on the prospect’s interest.

Sales Leaders

Get a “health check” of their team’s follow-up effectiveness with engagement scores and rep activity reports.

Sales Reps

Can deliver an automated personalized follow-up with email templates, group email, and sequencing; and LiveHive’s deep engagement analytics increases customer calls and empowers a smarter follow-up.


Gets insight on effectiveness of messaging and sales collateral. They can Synchronize market messages with sales conversations.

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