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PointForward is a sales practice and training solution changing how sales training is delivered. PointForward’s easy-to-use platform, video-based recording capabilities and coaching feedback loops enable reps to better adapt during sales conversations, deliver consistent messaging and achieve their sales goals faster.

Companies using PointForward to deliver sales training, situational challenges, and rep coaching have reduced new hire time readiness by 40%, improved messaging by 70%, and reduced training related expenses by 30%.

PointForward is the only solution that combines deep sales training expertise with the latest in video-based recording technology and an award winning library of video content. Together, this combination delivers the most complete and powerful tool to improve sales rep performance.


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How PointForward improves sales training

Sales training hasn’t changed in over 70 years. Too often training investments are wasted with little to no adoption and no measurable impact on results.

PointForward uses video and asynchronous coaching to easily deliver and scale your training efforts to any device at any time in any location. Leverage social learning and best-practice sharing to overcome the cost and limitations of in-person training sessions.

Benefits of PointForward

Train reps quickly

Train based on real scenarios. Use video-based practice challenges to reinforce and certify on messaging, value propositions, objection handling, and more.

Reduce training expenses

Enable reps to quickly practice on their schedule and preferred mobile device or computer. Empower trainers, managers or peers to efficiently coach without costly travel

Share best practices

Capture “what good looks like” videos from your top performers and share them in the video community. Quickly review them in the office or in the car before stepping into a meeting.

See How it Works