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Content is one of the most important tools for marketers, it fuels selling activities, drives business outcomes, connects companies with their customers, and brings products and brands to life. The volume of digital content is growing exponentially every year, creating an unstoppable avalanche.

Here at WHUT Inc. we’ve accepted the task of effectively managing this avalanche, turning challenge into opportunity. We help streamline your day-to-day operations and hone your content strategies with the help of valuable content insights and predictive analytics.

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How WHUT Manages The Content Avalanche

Our team had a vision for a solution that takes the content avalanche and sifts through it to find and deliver the perfect snowflake. We created a dashboard-style content browser, where you can easily search and filter your entire library, add tags, rate and comment on content, and build playlists. Our closed-loop system sends real-time content consumption data back to your marketing teams so that they can evaluate content performance and plan for future.

Your content will never again be lost in the endless avalanche of email attachments and zip folders.

Benefits of WHUT


  • Import any type of content and distribute them to your entire sales team from one application.
  • Easily manage, edit, and delete content directly in the app.
  • Use custom filters and tags to organize your library to your preferences.
  • Generate customized playlists from your library with relevant content geared towards specific products, industries, buyer personas, etc.
  • Automatically update or delete content – eliminate the risk of customers viewing out-dated materials.


  • Deliver digital content experiences that your customers will love! Improve customer engagement with functional interactive content pieces.
  • Provide your sales teams with unrestricted access to their content online or offline, from any devices or OS, and without the hassle of additional software downloads.
  • Easily present to large groups or individuals right on their devices, without missing out on insights and analytics. Instant messaging and co-browsing features make communication easy.


  • Content Insights – Automatically track and monitor how your content is being used throughout the sales cycle.
  • Customer Insights – Gain valuable insights into customer content preferences and usage, allowing you to tailor future communications and enhance the buying experience.
  • Sales Insights – Easily analyze and coordinate communication strategies with the help of data direct from the frontline.
  • Marketing Insights – The closed-loop system connects marketing efforts back to revenue.

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