Maximize Revenue from Key Accounts

Account Manager provides an intelligent framework for execution of Account Planning activities across your team – increasing alignment with your customer’s strategy, communication and sales velocity. This leads to revenue growth and increased customer loyalty. Plan Overview provides an all-inclusive visual summary of your account plan, surfacing the most important and actionable information from the account plan, so you can find all the plan essentials in one place. Your sales team can easily collaborate on plan progress, plan objectives and actions, customer insights, and team resources.

Expand Coverage of Your Buyer’s Organization

Create a relationship map with data from your Salesforce contact records. Get a visual understanding of the buyer’s organization. See with whom you should be spending time, who is a supporter and who requires more focus to win their support. Get coaching advice that interjects vital information, such as whether the person is high risk, prefers a competitor, and next steps to progress the deal. Account Manager provides deal-specific, buyer-centric coaching, real time, when it can be most impactful, helping you to better understand the relationship landscape, how well you are positioned, and where it is worth spending more time.

Through Account Planning you can understand the obstacles your customers face daily in their business to devise solutions that deepen the value you provide.

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