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Membrain’s sales effectiveness platform helps your team achieve consistent performance in complex B2B sales. Our mission is to ensure companies move from merely having a sales strategy towards executing it on a daily basis. Over time, using Membrain as your companion, you will elevate your sales people to become your competitive advantage.

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How Membrain Helps Execute Your Sales Strategy

The software elevates individual sales performance by continuous guidance throughout every sales lead and opportunity. Quickly identify and walk away from poor fits early in the funnel to reduce sales costs and maximize the use of your sales team’s most precious resource: time. By systemizing the best practices of your top performers, you can speed up the ramp-up time for new hires and increase the performance of your average performers. We equip your sales leaders with the information and tools needed to coach the team to a higher level of performance.

Benefits of Membrain

Used by mid-sized and large organizations to convert their sales strategy into daily operational excellence, the award winning software-as-a-service makes it easy for team members’ to execute a sales strategy, grow with every deal and make HOW YOU SELL your differentiator.

Strategy to Execution

By translating your sales strategy into goals, process/workflow and activities in Membrain, you will speed up the time to productivity for new sales hires and avoid common mistakes, such as leads falling between cracks, poor deal strategies and incorrect forecasts. With Membrain, you will make your sales strategy come to life and make sure it does not end up as a binder on the shelf.

Sales Coaching

Membrain visually identifies performance gaps and coaching opportunities. We help you find the information you need, fast, so you can proactively help your sales people overcome anything from prospecting woes to bloated pipelines. With Membrain, sales mangers will know who to coach, when to coach and what to coach about.

Optimize your Efforts

Minimize hidden sales costs, undisciplined discounting and poor win-rates. With Membrain’s built-in analytical tools, you can quickly identify how your sales execution is working and continually improve it as you learn and adapt to market conditions and the changing buyer’s journey.

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