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The #1 reason sales reps fail to make quota isn’t the lack of good leads, sales training, social selling skills, or the right products / services; it’s the inability for sales reps to effectively articulate your unique value. (SiriusDecisions)

Alinean is your Value Agency to help you overcome this top challenge, creating the value messaging, interactive value selling tools and sales training you need to get sales reps to better communicate and quantify your unique value.

Leverage Alinean to develop and deliver value conversation guides and content, interactive infographics, diagnostic assessments, ROI / TCO calculators and business case tools — helping accelerate “Do Nothing” to “Yes”, increase deal size and improve competitive win rates.

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How Alinean Solves Value Communication and Quantification

Did you know…

  • 95% of buyers require financial justification / ROI (IDC)
  • 71% of prospects are turned off by product centric sales reps (The Economist)
  • 93% of current sales conversations are perceived as product / price centric (The Economist).

We call this the Value Gap, between typical sales reps that pitch products, and buyers who require a more value-centric approach.

Alinean helps your sales reps engage earlier and more effectively, providing the interactive customer facing storytelling, insights and financial justification to evolve

Benefits of Alinean

Value Messaging

You need to power more effective value conversations.
Alinean’s value messaging provides the framework for more effective engagements:

  • Role based conversations
  • Unique and provocative insights
  • Quantification of “Do Nothing” costs and unique benefits

Delivered as a conversation guide (Value Matrix™), elevator pitch, infographic and prospecting email templates.

Value Selling Tools

You need an edge, to interact with prospects using more effective storytelling, compelling insights, diagnostics and financial justification.
Alinean’s interactive value selling tools provide:

  • Customer facing interactive tools
  • Discovery and diagnostics
  • Personalized value storytelling and insights
  • Interactive calculators to quantify “Do Nothing” costs and value
  • Customer intelligence and database

The tools are delivered as a customized interactive application on-line, and on tablets (iPad and Android)

Value Training

Your sales reps need capability, confidence, and credibility to better communicate and quantify your unique value.

Alinean Value Training enables your sales reps to evolve from product pitches to value selling, providing the exercises, skills, tools and practice they need to succeed.

The Value Training leverages the content from our value selling book:The Frugalnomics Survival Guide – How to Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell More.

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