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App Data Room

App Data Room is a breakthrough mobile sales enablement platform that allows any business to build, brand and manage a professional mobile app for sales presentations and engagement.

Mobile technology can unite sales and marketing organizations toward common goals. App Data Room helps businesses achieve alignment with organization, management, distribution, and analytics for sales and marketing content.

Today, App Data Room services tens of thousands of registered users around the world in multiple languages.

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How App Data Room Enables Professional Sales Presentations

Finding the best way to make an impactful presentation and streamline the process can be a challenge. App Data Room is an easy-to-implement solution that can be used worldwide to put all information in the hands of sales reps when they need it for professional presentations. Use the mobile platform to present to potential customers, email resources to prospects and create a direct connection with customers.

Benefits of App Data Room

Complete control over branding, detailed usage and engagement analytics, CRM & Marketing Automation integrations, and instantly available content updates are just a few of the benefits of using App Data Room’s mobile sales enablement platform.

Access Anywhere

App Data Room uses the cloud and mobile app technology to ensure your sales reps have access to the content they need in the field, on any device, with or without internet or wifi.

Detailed Analytics hiddente

Track, view and report on important usage and engagement activities. Learn what content is the most effective.

Always Up-to-date

Content downloads and syncs quickly in the app so you won’t be stuck waiting in the middle of an important sales presentation.

Generate Leads

Present content on your app then send via email followup. Leads can be automatically pushed to your CRM or Marketing Automation tools.


Visit App Data Room Website

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