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Badger Maps

Badger is a map based sales productivity tool, purpose-built by and for outside sales and field service. Optimize your driving routes, maximizing sales by visiting more customers while reducing window time. Visualize sales numbers and sales-stages on the map, making your most promising leads and customers stand out from the rest by geographic area. Immediately recognize what areas need attention to nurture customer relations based on last check-in date. Search for promising leads using our Google Places based lead generation tool. Badger is your swiss army knife in the field, available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC/Mac.

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How Badger Maps solves the traveling salesman problem

Outside sales and field service face a huge issue in their day-to-day lives: How do I see everyone I need to by driving as little as possible? How do I efficiently see data about my customer without opening my computer and opening a CRM? Badger optimizes your route using best in class route optimization algorithms, allowing you to see more customers while reducing time behind the wheel. Want to find more leads around you? Badger allows you to visualize new leads based on searches right on the map. Need to see who you last visited by date? Badger can do that. Badger will make your sales life easier and get out of your way.

Benefits of Badger Maps

Badger is a holistic sales tool for the outside sales person. We allow you to ‘check-in’ to customers, allowing you to sort and filter by last visit date to a customer. We allow you to add up to 30 custom data points to each customer. Add temporary notes to each customer for a day-to-day scratchpad. Visualize zip-codes, traffic, and satellite imagery. Many teams use Badger as their primary CRM. Use Badger on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC and Mac. Badger goes with you anywhere.

Route Optimization

Close more deals because you’re seeing more customers! Our best-in-class route optimization algorithm will get you in front of more customers, while spending last time behind the wheel. Save gas, save time, get home with more irons in the fire than ever before.

Lead Generation

Badger has built in lead generation based on up to the minute data from Google Places. Want to see opportunities around you that you never knew about? Badger pulls in leads and puts them on a map so that you can break down new areas by lead density.

Better Customer Retention

When did you last visit your customers? How can you visualize where and when you visited them? What if there are whole geographic areas that you are ignoring and just don’t know it? Badger allows you to sort your customers by last check-in date and visually see on the map who needs attention.

Visualize Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities

Badger allows you to easily visualize any data you have about your customers. Want to see who you sold one product to that is highly likely to convert another? We can do that. Want to see sales data on your customers heatmapped? We can do that too. You can easily plan to visit whole areas that are ripe for upsells and cross-sells.

Visit The Badger Maps Website

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