Sell Smarter, Service Better, Win More

Bigtincan® Hub is a mobile, AI-powered sales and service enablement platform designed to increase sales team success by helping them better prepare for meetings, improve client and prospect engagement, enhance collaboration with peers, compress sales cycles, and improve overall win rates. Through its intuitive, premier user experience, Bigtincan Hub delivers real-time content recommendations, ensuring users have the right content to work in any situation and location, on or offline. Empower your sales, service, and channel teams, shorten sales cycles, and win more deals using the leading AI-powered Sales Enablement platform. Learn more about Bigtincan here.

How can we manage the avalanche of sales content?

Bigtincan® Hub provides Sales teams with the content that will help them move a deal forward, as well as the context they need in order to get the most value from that content. With features such as completely customizable description fields, tiles to indicate new or trending content, and AI-powered recommendations, Bigtincan takes the guesswork out of Sales Enablement for Marketing and Sales teams alike. See a demo of Bigtincan here.

Bigtincan® transforms the way that sales and service organizations access, interact with, present, collaborate on and share content, as well as how they engage with customers when using their mobile devices. Organizations around the globe, and across all industries, rely on Bigtincan hub to ensure the productivity of their mobile workforce when using their mobile devices and make every customer interaction count.

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