Make Updating Salesforce as Easy as Sending Emails

You work in your inbox, not in Salesforce. No one has to force you to use email. You want to because it enables you to connect with customers and it’s easy. We think Salesforce should be just as useful and just as simple. At Cirrus Insight, we bring Salesforce into the inbox – to save you time and make you more productive. Now you can see and update Salesforce as you work, automatically sync emails and appointments to Salesforce, track email opens, set follow up reminders, create and update Salesforce records like leads, contacts, and opportunities, schedule sales calls, and more. Learn more about some of our most popular features.

And Now Introducing Flight Plans

Since our inception, Cirrus Insight has been dedicated to making the sales process easier for those actually doing the selling. Flight Plans is the natural progression of that goal.

Flight Plans is marketing automation software for sales reps. You can build sequences of emails, calls, and tasks to reach customers. That means always being able to execute your winning sales playbook.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way so that you get the most out of the Cirrus Insight platform by providing the type of service that has earned us over 1,000 five star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange. Try Cirrus Insight free for 14 days, and make updating Salesforce as easy as sending an email!

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