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We aspire to make every customer interaction successful. Every email, every meeting, and every presentation should be amazing. ClearSlide provides a complete Sales Engagement Platform that combines content management, integrated communications, engagement analytics, and guided selling to power dynamic engagement with buyers and maximize your existing CRM investment. ClearSlide increases sales productivity, improves management effectiveness, and delivers stronger customer-facing messaging. Customers report 10%-20% increase in closed deals, 25% decrease in time to on-board new reps, and 50%-80% reduction in selling costs.

Insights to Forecast with Confidence

ClearSlide provides actionable insights to Sales Leaders that improve forecast accuracy, accelerate on-boarding, and enhance coaching.

  • Engagement Quadrant Dashboards – Improve visibility into opportunities and sales cycle progression. Identify deals at risk by combining engagement analytics and CRM data.
  • Account-based Engagement History — Deliver a unified view of activity and engagement history across all contacts and interactions – from initial contact through adoption.
  • Team & Rep Performance —Identify and rank individuals and teams across engagement metrics to on-board and scale best practices faster.

There are hundreds of sales enablement tools available, but most only address a small part of the sales process. Our mission is to deliver the most complete, open, and intuitive Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications and analytics. Watch to learn more!

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