DiscoverOrg is the leading sales intelligence platform, helping sales, marketing, and staffing professionals sell smarter and more effectively. DiscoverOrg’s extensive datasets provide the contacts and context necessary to identify prime opportunities and access decision makers within the IT, Finance, Marketing, Engineering and Product Development departments of Fortune-Ranked, Mid-Market, and SMB companies in North America and Europe.

How DiscoverOrg Puts an End to the Sales Grind

Sales reps waste so much time every day – chasing and researching prospects. With DiscoverOrg, reps can instantly know who is responsible for purchasing decisions and who is not, going beyond job titles to understand responsibilities and reporting structure. Once a decision maker has been identified, reps can leapfrog over “gatekeepers” with direct-dial phone numbers and verified email addresses. Real-time triggers and opportunity alerts go a step further to proactively alert reps to new selling opportunities.

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Benefits of DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg’s constantly-refreshed database enables sales reps to easily identify target accounts, qualify existing leads, and find new opportunities within their market. With just a few clicks of a mouse, sales reps have access to thousands of accounts and prospects, including contact information and org charts, to ensure they reach out to the right contacts with the right message at the right time.


DiscoverOrg takes the guesswork out of prospecting. Narrow in on your ideal prospects and accounts with micro-targeted searching capabilities across companies, contacts, and sales triggers. Lists can be filtered by region, industry, size, technologies installed, specific keywords and more.


Connecting with the right people is half the sales battle. DiscoverOrg gives you direct access to decision makers, increasing connection rates by helping you bypass gatekeepers, switchboards and other obstacles. Verified email addresses ensure that your follow up email also makes it to the desired recipient.


Much more than just a contact list, DiscoverOrg provides comprehensive insight into your target accounts. Understand current priorities and the people driving the initiatives so you can tailor your pitch to their exact circumstances. Set up alerts to be notified of new selling opportunities to perfectly time your outreach


With all of that extra time that used to be wasted on research, reps have more time to spend actually selling. Armed with the right contacts and context, they can be more strategic and personal in their outreach, improving connect and response rates as well as shortening the sales cycle.

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