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Gamification and sales performance go hand in hand. GamEffective drives sales people to meet their personalized performance goals; it can also improve pipeline quality through better CRM use and improved sales behaviors.

GamEffective’s performance gamification platform is based on next-generation gamification that goes beyond simplistic game mechanics, working like a fitness tracker for work. It uses rich game narratives, eLearning and coaching. Our deployments encourage on-the-job mastery through a progression of challenges, emphasizing a balanced approach to achieving (often conflicting) KPIs. The platform ties into corporate objectives and performance goals, leaving lasting organizational change, transparency and alignment.

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How GamEffective Solves Sales Performance Misalignment

Sales performance misalignment occurs when sales people aren’t motivated, aren’t aware of product features or don’t know what their goals and objectives are. GamEffective drives sales alignment by keeping salespeople focused on the activities that matter and by setting and tracking goals on a daily or weekly basis. You can use an arsenal of game mechanics that encourage sales-related behaviors. You can combine elearning – whether on sales skills or new products/services – into sales gamification, getting sales people familiar with new offerings.

Benefits of GamEffective

Think of GamEffective as an activity tracker for sales, with recognition, fun, teamwork and better communication of corporate goals.

Personalized Goals

It is easy to set personalized goals for employees, having them “compete” against their past performance, and against benchmarks of employees similar to them. This means that salespeople aren’t feeling threatened by a leaderboard in which their hard work is dwarfed by top achievers. Driving “middle” performers with motivation that fits them super-charges performance, since moving performance depends on moving middle rather than top or bottom performers.

Learning hiddente

GamEffective is the only platform to combine performance management and on-the-job learning. It serves salespeople with micro-learning segments, ensuring that employees stay in the know regarding new product information, compliance, refreshers and more. Learning and coaching are used in real-time to help employees remedy performance when they need to re-bound or self-correct.

Employee Journey

The system is made to support the employee from initial onboarding, the novice period and into on-going performance management. It does so by adjusting games to the employee journey, serving certain game narratives that fit with learning and training and others that fit with on-going performance management.

Strong Integrations

The system can integrate with several enterprise apps at once – CRM, learning management systems, knowledge management systems and more.

This means that the platform takes little time to deploy, and collects real time data from several enterprise apps at once.


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