Meet Kiite, your new sales enablement tool

Train Kiite on your company resources, such as your website, sales collateral, and intranet, and add Kiite to your chat platform, such as Slack. Kiite’s powerful AI automates the Q&A process and delivers the right answers to your sales team, right when they need them.

Whether you’re hammering out emails at sunrise or discussing contract terms as you cook a meal, Kiite will give you the information you need to move the deal forward. Unblock yourself. Anytime, anywhere.

Your workflow is key

Optimized for desktop and mobile, Kiite delivers you the information you need in simple chat. Gone are the days of lengthy software installation, and flipping between applications and windows. Get your burning questions answered in the workflows you rely on daily.

Use Kiite without impacting your training budget. Software deployed through conversational interfaces, like Kiite, give you the ability to dramatically impact.

Add Kiite to chat and see your sales teams become dramatically more productive.