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Sales enablement tools are quickly becoming an invaluable asset for business organizations and are increasingly important in driving revenue and sales success.

KnowledgeTree’s sales enablement & acceleration software uses Data Science to predict winning content that boosts sales productivity, to equip reps with best practice tools that accelerate sales, & to determine what content most effectively advances deals.

It uses real sales results to proactively push best practice content to your reps, right in There’s no portal & no searching!


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How KnowledgeTree Boosts Sales Productivity

Sales efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity have a direct and significant impact on revenue, yet sales productivity is the #1 challenge for almost 2/3 of B2B organizations.

KnowledgeTree equips your sales teams with winning content that accelerates sales & informs and excites prospects. When you engage prospects, you sell more! Only 30% of a sales rep’s day is devoted to core selling activities, and KnowledgeTree’s technology makes reps more productive by giving instant access to relevant content, removing the need to spend large portions of their day searching for content.

Benefits of KnowledgeTree

A top challenge in B2B organizations today is the divide between sales and marketing. Marketing is not familiar with the different scenarios sales teams face, and sales teams do not utilize the content that marketing creates. In fact, 70% of marketing content never gets used by sales. KnowledgeTree’s solution bridges the gap between sales and marketing by using predictive analytics to surface relevant content in context that will drive more wins for the sales team.


95% of B2B sales are directly influenced by marketing content, but just 30% of sales enablement content is used by sales.

  • Get relevant marketing content used by proactively pushing it to sales – before they need to search
  • Understand which content advances leads and closes deals and gain complete insight into where content gaps exist
  • Centralize your content from any location – marketing automation, blog, wiki, or content management tool

Sales Teams

Sales teams that challenge and engage prospects are twice as likely to hit quota, but only 20% of sales people add value to the buying process. KnowledgeTree changes that.

  • Get new hires to quota faster by pushing relevant training materials and sales guidance
  • Understand which content and sales tools top performers rely on and replicate best practices
  • Get reps back to core selling by pushing the best content for any sales scenario

Sales Leader

Top sales people add value and advance their deals with every call, conversation, and email. With KnowledgeTree, reps know exactly what to say to move prospects.

  • Give every rep the tools proven to move their prospects
  • Push relevant training material and sales guidance as needed, so your entire team operates like your top performers
  • Get insight into what content accelerates sales and wins in different sales situations

Sales Operations

KnowledgeTree is a secure, application. Our technology connects with your existing applications and is validated at many of the world’s most demanding organizations.

  • Install the application from the Salesforce AppExchange in seconds
  • Feel secure in your investment – we are security reviewed by
  • Connect marketing applications like Marketo and Eloqua, and integrate with content management systems like SharePoint.

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