Build Consistent & Scalable Onboarding Programs

LevelJump gets your new sales hires to generate revenue faster by reducing ramp time with predictable sales onboarding right within your sales team’s workflow in Salesforce. Build prescriptive training programs for your managers and reps using multimedia activities and CRM-based milestones in Salesforce Sales Cloud. Our team of experts will support you along the way. Schedule a demo to see how you can Reduce sales ramp by 40%.

Provide Coaching Opportunities Throughout the Sales Cycle

Scale manager-to-rep and peer-to-peer coaching with videos playable in Salesforce Sales Cloud. Record videos directly in Sales Cloud to practice & collaborate in coaching rooms. Certify your reps on their pitch & demo. Coach through an opportunity with just-in-time tips, stories, & resources. Learn more about our game-changing sales onboarding for fast growing companies.