Align Sales and Marketing for greater efficiency and consistent buyer experiences

Mediafly combines content management tools, cloud security, and a mobile application to enable marketers to intuitively add, update, and distribute up-to-the-minute, on-brand content in one place. Our technology empowers sales reps to quickly and easily create engaging sales presentations with relevant and customized content, interactive tools, and real-time, client-specific data insights – whether online or off. Sellers and Marketers can automatically track and store a record of assets used throughout the sales cycle in both Mediafly and CRM for effortless meeting follow-ups and a true understanding of what content drives revenue.

Increase sales effectiveness with more personalized and engaging sales interactions

Your buyer has changed. Their expectations are higher. They’re doing more research on their own and interacting with sales reps later in the buying process than ever before. Don’t bore them with your static pitch deck, engage them with customized content tailored to their business or industry. Our Evolved Selling solution puts new and relevant content at your sales reps’ fingertips to ensure they can quickly pivot conversations to address what the buyer wants to talk about. With interactive sales tools like ROI calculators and health assessments that capture buyer input to help guide the discussion, we empower reps to take a more consultative approach to selling. Reps can also easily pull real-time data from third-party sources to create more dynamic and personalized sales experiences that drive business growth.

Mediafly transcends traditional sales enablement to help companies build and sustain a sales organization that drives revenue and customer satisfaction. Evolved Sellers can expect to accelerate deal closure by 28-43% and drive company growth by 40-60%. They experience a 70% lift in buyers purchasing more than the original scope of the project because of the value and insights added throughout their sales interactions. Evolved Sellers also drive repeat business, with buyers 82% more likely to consider them for future opportunities.

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