More effective account planning means higher productivity

Ditch your off-line account plans! They are too hard to manage, impossible to track and time consuming to build.

AccountPlan embeds your account strategy directly into Salesforce, making it easier for your team to collaborate and build winning plans. With simple checkboxes create a summary SWOT analysis for more productive reviews.

Using AccountPlan you will improve your understanding of customer drivers, see your competitive position, build better contact strategy and set goals and actions that advance your position. See how AccountPlan can help you improve account strategy.

AccountPlan offers measurable and actionable insights

Building account plans creates key account management metrics automatically across your portfolio of customers.

AccountPlan helps managers to compare the performance of accounts, teams and individual account managers more easily. Track wallet share, growth potential, account and contact health amongst the standard measures created.

Build native reports and dashboards bring greater transparency and the metrics and help you to identify gaps in your position. Get our ebook on Account Management KPI’s.

AccountPlan simplifies your account planning process. Account managers save days of effort and everyone learns more about key accounts to make better resourcing decisions. Take a 30 day free trial today.