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No more difficult and highly qualitative qualification tools. Simplicity helps to improve adoption and to consistently make better choices on where to invest effort.

With DealSheet you to build custom qualification questions to help different teams appropriately assess the health of each opportunity. Coach too with opportunity level strategy guidance and coaching for every deal that complements sales managers. Totally native in Salesforce and Microsoft CRM gives secure access wherever you are. See how DealSheet can help your team make better choices.

DealSheet data improves insight and transparency!

With over 20 data points created automatically for every deal, you can build granular and insightful  reports and dashboards in CRM. Probability, close date and stage isn’t enough for sales managers to quickly identify pipeline opportunities and risks. Fast analytics improves the accuracy of your forecast and saves up to 10% of a sales managers time every month, leaving more time for coaching.

Use specific data points to trigger workflows, alerts and to build into reward points using our gamification extension +motivate. See how DealSheet +motivate can help you improve performance.

Use DealSheet to improve win rates by up to 20%, make better choices on where to invest resources and be more informed about the health of your forecast. Take a 30 day free trial today.