The easiest path to comprehensive, accurate CRM data

On average reps take 24 days to enter CRM data. That’s almost a month of missed insight and often inaccurate pipelines. For just $10 per month per user, Olono automates data entry for B2B sales reps from 70+ apps and tools. This gives Sales VPs improved forecasting accuracy and gets Sales Ops out of the business of chasing reps for dashboards, reports and meetings. Get started today and know that every deal in your company’s CRM reflects true engagement status in real-time.

Help your reps touch more deals, more often, in less time

Your sales process works. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone followed it? Olono’s Next Best Actions help your reps stay on the playbook with personalized actions, defined by best practices, role, custom processes and machine learning. This guided selling, helps reps know exactly where to focus their time to positively impact quota and forecast. With each activity automatically captured in your CRM, sales VPs can easily identify opportunities at risk as well as pull in deals that are progressing well. It’s the consistent, predictable sales execution every sales leader desires.

Available as a tab in Salesforce, a standalone app or a mobile app, Olono can be deployed in minutes, with simple one-click integrations to 70+ email applications, calendars, browser data and other tools used by sales teams. As intuitive and user-friendly as GPS technology, Olono is here to guide your sales reps forward. No training is required, meaning sales teams can begin seeing value immediately.

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