Today’s Buyers Trust Their Peers, Not You

Word-of-mouth recommendations from peers influence 92% of all B2B buying decisions. Only 53% of buyers trust company websites and 33% trust online ads, proving what your customers say about you has more impact than information your sales and marketing teams provide.

RO Innovation helps you leverage the right customer success stories and other top sales and marketing assets for the right opportunity at the right time. By providing sales reps with valuable and relevant content and customer references during the sales cycle, RO helps you win more, faster.

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Designed to Match Your Goals

RO Innovation’s suite of solutions give you the flexibility and scalability you need.

  • RO Reference Enablement – complete customer reference management platform builds buyer trust faster and drives sales
  • RO Content Enablement – sales and marketing content hub for tracking and optimizing prospect engagement
  • RO Sales Enablement – combines the power of customer references and content simultaneously to drive revenue faster
  • RO Partner Enablement – intuitive and unique channel sales enablement platform

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The RO Innovation platform is the fastest and easiest way to create, deploy, manage and measure customer reference and sales enablement content. With seamless integration to leading marketing automation, CRMs and other technologies, plus flexible implementation options and mobile sales enablement capabilities, we ensure your team is set for success.

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