Sharper sales execution with data-driven sales enablement

Accent aligns sales and marketing teams by centralizing all marketing generated sales content, tools and resources into one intuitive platform. This platform allows sales reps to customize, share and track prospect interaction. Then we take it one step further by combining intelligent opportunity scoring and visualizations, situation-based dynamic recommendations and real-time engagement tracking, to give enterprise B2B sales teams a prescriptive approach to strategically improving sales. Learn more about how Accent can drive faster win rates.

Replicate success of your top reps with prescriptive insights

With Accent you can visualize complex sales situations like never before, giving second tier reps a powerful opportunity to attain A player status. Our platform analyzes your CRM and email activity data and generates intuitive visualizations that show reps their best pipeline opportunities, prioritized tasks and specific guidance on next steps to drive each deal forward. This ultimately creates a better, more streamlined buying experience for your prospects. Learn more about how our solution can strengthen your sales execution.

Watch a quick video on how Accent gives your reps all the tools, resources and insight they need to ramp up their sales game, make an impact with buyers and win more deals.

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