Value Selling (ROI / TCO) Tools

It is vital to evolve from pitching features / price to selling with value. Alinean Value Selling Tools are custom developed to help your sales reps and channel partners better communicate and quantify your unique value to prospects. Delivered as Interactive on-line and mobile applications, the tools help you better assess and benchmark prospect challenges, quantify “do nothing” costs, calculate your unique business value, and tally ROI / TCO advantages. An optional salesforce application provides deep integration into your workflow and analytics to drive and track success.

Peer Comparison Tool

It is vital to engage earlier and higher. To arm your sales reps with provocative insights they need to do so, the Alinean Peer Comparison Tool delivers a wealth of financial benchmarks and competitive comparisons for over 60,000 worldwide organizations. With the Tool you can quickly and easily build peer comparison reports, to help prospects clearly visualize their trouble-spots, quantify the value of “Move the Needle”, and develop compelling improvement guides and reports.

Do customers understand your unique and differentiating value? Do they understand how “do nothing” is not an option, and how you will contribute to their bottom-line. Alinean Value Selling Tools can reshape your client conversations: from features to insights, and from price to business value.

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