Always be the first to know

Accompany scours millions of sites for updates on your contacts and companies and makes sure you always have a reason to reach out, no matter how long it’s been. A curated news feed dedicated to the people and companies you care about most; real-time news alerts for your VIPs so you never miss a big announcement or promotion; a people and companies database ready to serve you information on any person or or company, public or private; and Executive Briefings delivered to your inbox to prep you for any meeting in your calendar. No spam or noisy feeds full of people you don’t know. Just the info you need to know to make a great impression.

Never drop the ball

Accompany for Gmail tells you everything you need to know about the people in your inbox so you always know which emails need an immediate reply and which messages can wait. Hover over any name on the recipient list to learn all about their career, their education, their posts on social media, and key facts about their company. Research any person even if you were only CC’d or added to the email thread halfway through the conversation. Never let an important lead fall through the cracks.

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