A Sales Experience Producing Larger Deals, Faster

No enablement platform offers an experience for sales that rivals the power of Seismic. Through dynamic content assembly and machine learning, content builds itself and automatically finds the right reps wherever they are. Collaboration and training tools equip every rep with the collective knowledge of the team. Virtual meetings and content engagement analytics ensure that reps always have the most informed, personal interactions. And it’s all in one platform available in tools that reps already use, like CRM and email. The result is that reps spend more time selling and less time on everything else.

Empowering Marketing to Fulfill its Promise to Sales

Seismic is the only enablement platform that enables marketers to increase their content ROI and help sales drive revenue. Marketing controls which content goes to which reps for maximum precision, and integrations with content and data sources ensure that when there is a brand update, it is automatically reflected across all materials in reps’ hands. Reusable content components ensure that content creation is always about quality not quantity, and real-time content effectiveness analytics allow for continuous improvement. With Seismic, marketing and sales teams can finally act as one, to the benefit of the bottom line.

Large enterprises that are truly laser-focused on driving revenue realize that enabling each rep to reach their full potential requires commitment not just from sales, but across marketing, operations, enablement, and leadership. Those looking towards technology to ensure that it is done with optimal efficiency need look no further than Seismic, the global leader in marketing and sales enablement.

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