A Springboard for Your Reps

Your new hires want to get up to speed quickly. With MindTickle, you can channel this intrinsic motivation and accelerate their readiness by transforming your onboarding process into a milestone-driven, engaging and empowering experience. Your high-impact onboarding program will become a key driver of predictable revenue. Our customers have: Reduced ramp up time by 40% without losing effectiveness; Onboarded sales reps from acquired companies faster; Launched new products with improved ease of communication. Find out how MindTickle can help your new hires >

A Better Way to Coach Your Reps

Put all your coaching interactions in one place with MindTickle. Make your coaching program more efficient, relevant and personal because sales, marketing, enablement and product can provide input into topics and coach from the same place. You can also set your reps up for success with effective tools to identify gaps, provide feedback and coach and give leadership practical information about the strengths and gaps in their team. Find out how to coach better >

Reps who are enabled on MindTickle have consistently outperformed others. Our approach to sales enablement allows you to onboard, calibrate, coach, reinforce and communicate with your sales reps to make them sales ready. MindTickle is not just another sales enablement tool, it is the easiest and fastest way to drive sales excellence, predictably.

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