Work smarter with emails, considering context beyond Inbox

SmartCloud Connect gives you a new level of insight with each email that you’re working with. It enables you to see all of the relevant real-time data from Salesforce directly in Outlook or Gmail. Close at hand to your every email, you can view and update each needed object in Salesforce. You’re also all-set to effortlessly customize which Salesforce objects, fields and in any specific order you want them to be shown in the sidebar. Learn more about how to keep your Salesforce and Inbox-driven processes fluid  >

Unleash the power of unrivaled synchronization

Sync everything from emails and events to any custom objects across your Outlook, Gmail, and CRM. The real-time bi-directional sync of SmartCloud Connect ensures a complete match between data in your CRM and Inbox. Handling advanced matching logic it allows for both, to add custom synchronization rules in accordance with your Salesforce processes and set your CRM data entry on “autopilot.” Learn more about how you can sync your attachments, activities, reminders, and more with no extra effort on your end >