Get a 360° View of Your Entire Customer Base

Strikedeck’s central dashboard provides real-time analytics and graphs so that you can view insights into your entire customer base, and drill down into a specific customer’s profile in just a few clicks. Cohorts, segments, and customer health are easily identifiable, along with simple navigation to summaries, renewals, support tickets, tasks, and more that give you a cohesive view of your customer at one glance. At-risk customers are automatically segmented and prioritized, with updates in real time so that CSMs know where to focus their retention energies. Learn More About Strikedeck’s Customer 360° >

Automate Best Practices For Customer Success

Strikedeck’s automation workflow enables innovative outreach with custom email campaigns, surveys, and in-app notifications. You can assign tasks to your CS teams, and update customer data objects in any of the target sources, based on key trigger criteria including support tickets, product usage, stakeholder changes, billing information along with much more. Playbooks standardize best practices across your organization with powerful execution scripts of tasks, notifications, and escalations. You can also easily schedule regular emails, surveys, advocacy campaigns and more within the platform. See How You Can Start Automating with Strikedeck >

See Social Selling’s Video Review of Strikedeck! – Strikedeck is the most powerful and comprehensive Customer Success solution, enabling businesses to reduce churn, drive customer trust and loyalty, and maximize revenue through innovative automation and integration technologies. Strikedeck takes a fresh approach to increasing customer engagement with workflow automation, machine learning, predictive analytics, usage tracking, surveys, and swift personalization.

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