Tired of calling, emailing and waiting?

The process for scheduling meetings with prospects and customers is broken. TimeTrade Scheduler fixes that by allowing reps to create and share calendar links with their real-time availability. Now customers and prospects can self-schedule meetings when it’s most convenient. With Scheduler for Salesforce, reps have the added option to book meetings from within a Salesforce record or share one-click scheduling links via email. Leveraging Salesforce Einstein, TimeTrade can even auto-generate a meeting invite based on lead score. The result? Meetings are set, prospects are engaged and leads progress more quickly through the funnel.

Integrates with Leading Calendar & Conferencing Solutions

Scheduler synchronizes with all of the most popular calendar solutions. Whether you use Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, Office 365, or Salesforce calendar, Scheduler ensures free and busy times are accurately reflected and that booked meetings are instantly added to all attendees’ calendars. Scheduler also integrates with leading web conferencing providers, including WebEx, GoToMeeting, Join.Me and Zoom, allowing reps to easily include virtual meeting details. No more cutting and pasting links into the calendar invitation—Scheduler auto-generates a unique link for each meeting.

Scheduler for Salesforce is changing the game for sales, marketing and customer success teams. Whether it’s an outbound invite from your sales team, or inbound inquiries from your website and social media channels, meeting requests are automatically routed to the most qualified resource based on role, location, or availability — ensuring you match customers and prospects with the right resource, every time.

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