4 Key Questions to Selecting Winning Deals

Opportunity Management coaches sellers in real time to effectively qualify, research the relationship landscape, collaborate with customers to develop solutions that address business challenges, and to develop a competitive approach that delivers a win‐win outcome. A solid qualification process helps sellers figure out whether there is a deal worth pursuing. Qualification also helps map your capabilities to your customer’s requirements. The earlier you qualify out deals you can’t win, the less resources are wasted.

Accelerate Sellers’ Credibility with Their Buyers

Customers are more comfortable doing business with people who speak knowledgeably about their business problems. Opportunity Manager guides sellers to learn about customer problems by enabling them to ask the right business questions and listen for commonly shared business issues. With this knowledge, salespeople can reveal insights and the right sales tools to add value to the sales conversation, informing what to say and how to present your solutions. The Customer Map describes the customer business problem in a visual way that makes it easy for buyers and sellers to collaborate on the solution and achieve a win-win outcome.

Improve sales productivity and increase win rate with a customer-first focus

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