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VanillaSoft is the industry’s leading software for sales-by-phone professionals. VanillaSoft’s intuitive and easy-to-use inside sales software takes the best of CRM, Lead Management, Telemarketing and Appointment Setting applications to create the most productive phone sales environment available today.

The VanillaSoft platform allows customers to see increased productivity, higher contact rates, and sales accountability in ways no other sales-by-phone solution does. VanillaSoft’s queue-based lead management takes sales to a whole new level: it’s Sales to the Power of the Queue. Through queue-based lead management, inside sales organizations see increased productivity, gain performance visibility, and realize a greater ROI on leads.


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How VanillaSoft Solves Inside Sales Productivity Challenges

VanillaSoft is a queue-based lead management platform that streamlines inside sales, telemarketing, and appointment setting activities to help sales organizations realize greater productivity, efficiency, and increased sales. The VanillaSoft queue-based solution allows management to create a standard, automated workflow that all sales representatives and call agents must follow. This queue-based system enforces the sales workflow and focuses your representatives and agents on the next best lead automatically. This type of system reduces lead cherry picking, eliminates wasted time spent searching for the next best lead, and improves the likelihood of moving a lead through the sales funnel more quickly.

Benefits of VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is a simply powerful solution that helps sales teams improve their lead management and sales-by-phone processes in order to increase call productivity and move leads through the sales funnel more efficiently and quickly.

Traditional inside sales and CRM platforms are list-based: they require sales representatives and agents to search and filter data to find the right lead to call next. This list-based methodology allows too many opportunities for cherry picking, excuses about why calls aren’t made, and human error.

In contrast to those list-based systems, VanillaSoft’s queue-based solution focuses your representatives and callers on the next best lead automatically based on the criteria and workflow you establish.

Increased Productivity

Productivity-enhancing features include:

  • Progressive & Preview Dialing allow reps to quickly dial the next best lead.
  • Logical Branch Scripting provides sales agents with messaging to handle a variety of sales call scenarios.
  • Voice Drop ensures the perfect voice mail is left each time a representative has to leave a message while he moves on to the next call.
  • Lead Nurturing automatically emails those leads who aren’t quite ready to buy.

Performance Visibility

VanillaSoft brings sales management real-time data and insights through the Call Activity Dashboard. This offers a visual dashboard that allows you to look at your data and users graphically in a presentation-ready format.

  • See real-time calling statistics for each campaign and each user, broken down by result group or call result
  • See calling results per campaign broken down by lead source
  • Run the dashboard for different time periods to see historical results

Easy Onboarding

The VanillaSoft solution is both easy to setup and easy to use. New customers can typically set up the VanillaSoft solution in less than one day, and onboarding new team members can take as few as 15 minutes!

Greater ROI

VanillaSoft customers achieve a greater ROI on leads thanks to the productivity and efficiency enhancing features of a queue-based lead management system. Users typically:

  • Make 150% more calls per hour than the industry standard calls/hour.
  • Make 9 follow-up contacts on a lead versus the industry benchmark. Industry standard lead decay rate is 36% — with VanillaSoft, it’s 6%.
  • Get in touch with web-based leads within 30 minutes of the lead filling out a contact form.

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