Sales to the Power of the Queue

Improve sales cadence and productivity with VanillaSoft, the simple solution for managing sophisticated inside sales processes. Customizable workflows and productivity-enhancing features keep salespeople focused on results-oriented activities with the right leads at the right time.

Powerful queue-based lead routing and auto dialing combined with features like SMS texting and email ensure that salespeople have multiple touchpoint opportunities for each lead. Learn more about queue-based routing >>

The Shortest Distance Between a Lead and the Sale

With VanillaSoft, salespeople don’t worry about software-related tasks getting in the way of great sales conversations. VanillaSoft’s workflow automation streamlines activities allowing salespeople to focus on what they do best: selling.

Managers have access to performance-improving features, too. Access call recordings, monitor live calls, and review real-time performance analytics to identify training opportunities, perform quality assurance checks, and pinpoint areas of opportunity in your sales operation. Learn more about inside sales best practices >>

VanillaSoft utilizes queue-based technology to automate call cadence and complex lead workflows to create powerful sales momentum. With the VanillaSoft solution, you’ll see an increase in productivity, a reduction in onboarding time for new reps, and a better return on investment for your leads.

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