Advanced Forecasting

Vortini delivers a sales forecasting process that covers the most complex forecasting requirements of both the sales and finance teams. The Smart Suggested Forecast uses machine learning and sales history to auto-populate the forecast with a recommended mix of deals, and the Early Warning System combines current pipeline details, historical analysis and behavior patterns to flag off track forecasts and suggest a plan B.

  • Sales and financial forecast on one platform
  • Eliminates manual processes, spreadsheets, and email
  • Handles the requirements of complex and distributed sales teams

Analytics to Hit Your Number This Quarter

Sales isn’t just figures, you need to understand them to build on their potential and adjust sales efforts to focus on the most revenue generating opportunities that impact the bottom line. That’s where sales analytics come in.

  • Sales Effectiveness Metrics
    • Identify areas of over and under-performance
  • Cross-sell and Upsell
    • Understand your customers, analyze their next move and make the right offering
  • Campaign Effectiveness
    • Evaluate the value of campaigns to ensure they generate new business opportunities
  • Win Rate
    • What’s success rate of your sales team and who’s performing below and above average

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