Zilliant IQ™ Accelerates Profitable Growth

Zilliant helps B2B enterprises turns data into actionable intelligence to accelerate profitable growth. Using AI to derive and deliver actionable, real-time sales and pricing intelligence across all sales channels, the Zilliant IQ solution maximizes the immediate value of every purchase transaction—and the lifetime value of every customer account. The AI engines within the solution continuously provide customer-facing sales teams with insights on the best cross-sell, upsell, and retention opportunities for every account. This prescriptive sales intelligence is delivered seamlessly within existing sales processes such as email, CRM – native integration within Salesforce.com – CPQ and eCommerce. Learn more about Zilliant IQ.

Why Zilliant?

With over 15,000 users in 90 countries, and across 14 vertical B2B industries, Zilliant has the data science expertise, rich experience, and the most broadly-deployed use of AI and predictive sales analytics in the market today. Zilliant helps:

  • Improve sales performance and productivity
  • Enable confident-decision making and closed-loop reporting
  • Accelerate profits
  • Create a competitive advantage

Zilliant customers consistently achieve incremental revenue and profit growth rates of 5-15%, resulting in a 10x-20x return on their investment. Learn more about Zilliant.