Seems almost everyone is talking about the “sales stack” recently. Why? For one, there are so many sales tech vendors that it’s nearly impossible to keep up. For another, people are asking how sales tech should be combined for the best, most optimal results (ROI).

There’s no easy answer to that last question. Every organization is different. Your culture, your sales model (transactional vs complex), your sales channel strategy, even your company stage or size, will all impact what your sales stack should look like.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear how others are forming their sales stack? Well, this week kicks off our 2nd year of weekly, online sales stack demos. Beginning this Thursday, you can log-in and listen to a real-life, honest-to-goodness, sales or marketing leader share their story about a problem they solved and the technology they chose to do it.

Jason Hoffman, the Vice President of Global Sales at Providence Medical Technology will be our guest this Thursday.

Jason is going to talk about how and why he decided to deploy SKURA Sales Enablement. He’ll cover:
– The Challenge and what triggered the need for change
– Options he considered
– Objectives and goals
– Concerns and risk-factors
– Why the vendor was chosen
– How the implementation went
– Challenges along the way
– And the outcome and expected ROI

Then, you’ll get to see a brief demo of the SKURA solution in action. This will be the format each week with a new guest and a different sales tech solution.

It’s free to join while there’s still room. There are already 204 registrants. And we have room for just 250. So register now. If you can’t join but want to listen later, you’ll get a link to the recording.

You can also register for the entire series so you’ll get an invitation link for each session without having to register multiple times. To register for the entire series, click here.

If you would like to participate as a guest on our series, please use the comments section. I’d also like to hear your ideas for solutions you’d like to see covered. Regardless, I hope to see you this week and hope it helps you think about your sales stack.